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Why Al Alwaan?

Satisfying our customers is a piece of cake for us. Once they have a taste of our work measures, they never look back. We provide a necessary protocol
to our hygiene, quality standards and sublime tastes, equating it with the best possible price. From setting up the fire, to delivering it to your doorstep, strict measures are taken to carry out the aforementioned objectives. Our recipes, enhanced by our top-notch workers, call for merely halal ingredients and garden-fresh articles. In brief dimensions, high quality oil is utilized plus all the vegetables and meat is freshly brought from most prestigious platforms. Furthermore, Ajinomoto, Mace, Nutmeg and other health retarding fashion of ingredients are strictly demarcated from our premises.

Our Vision

To become a premium catering company in Pakistan by providing quality delicious foods and immaculate customer service by offering a versatile and flexible service with consistency and presentation that will create value for our customer and lasting impression through management excellence at all level.

Our Commitment

Undoubtedly we are loyal to our customers. We are what we frame. Starting from the finest quality of ingredients and the appetizing food, driving our way to its hygiene standards and finally, concluding to its delivery and catering, we are the maestros in our work.
We orchestrate our food with much love and deliver it at the right time, for it takes months to find a customer and a second to lose one. Our clients, once they have a look of our food, are muscled to say nothing other than Bon appetite.

Our Story

Al-Alwaan , Where your flavourful dreams are moulded in the frame of reality


Our tag Al-Alwaan solely derives its roots from Arabic terminology and references the word ‘colours’. Our execution is same as our very own tag ; mastering the art of welcoming all forms of hues and tastes in your journey with us via our  stupendous cuisines owning a vast variety of food items , each having its own sense of element to it. All of it is purely monitored by THE most professional staff in our very own K-town.

Furthermore, our catering credibility was first born precisely eighteen years back.

In that era, we manifested our services all over Karachi, specially regarding Dawoodi Bohra Community.

Our Esteemed Clients

Take their word for it

We are very proud of the service we provide and stand by every product we carry. Read our testimonials from our happy customers.